Around the Tatras: Podhale (1)

Around the Tatras: Podhale (1)


Page Type: Trail

Location: Slovakia, Europe

Lat/Lon: 49.28214°N / 19.95117°E

Trail Type: Cross Country, Downhill, Mountain, Cyclocross, Touring

County: Podhale

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Aerobic Difficulty: Easy

Layout: Point to Point

Length: 20.0 Mi / 32.2 Km

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This page describes the first of the four parts of the long-distance trail which circumvents the range of the Tatras.
It lies in the Podhale region, the Polish side of the Tatras, from the entrance of Dolina Chocholowska to Lysa Polana, and via Zakopane.

This section lies mostly on roads, but this is not the less interesting part. Of course, it goes through Tatras main city resort, Zakopane, but it avoids the crowdy center, and, by keeping on the trail along the parc border, where are the finests views to the Mountain Giewont and surroundings, and some of the most picturesque districts with wooden mountain-villas.


Trail Description



From the entrance of the valley Dolina Chocholowska (cyclable), from the valley itself or from the car park (track to Wspolnota Lesna), catch the green-marked trail, allowed for bikes.



This trail passes the entrance of the valley Lejowa Dolina (pedestrians only) and gets back to the road 958, until the entrance of the valley Dolina Koscieliska (pedestrians only), where some 100m later is located the start of a cycling track in the direction of Zakopane.
You pass along the beginning of the trail going to the valley Dolina Malej Laki (yellow and blue pedestrian marks). Keep the cycling trail following the parc's border marked in green. This route is very famous and is commonly called "Droga Pod Reglami" (Road under the fir trees).



This trail ends as we pass near the center of Zakopane, and joins back the street Ulica Josefa Pilsudskiego. From now follow the streets Bronislawa Czecha and Droga na Bystre, near where is the road to Kuznice and the entrance of cyclable valley Dolina Kondratowa.



Then, follow the long street Droga Oswalda Balzera, which progressively becomes the road going in the direction of Lysa Polana.
It passes the villages of Toporowa, Cyrhla, and Brzeniny. After that follows a long straight line in the middle of which, on the right side at some black marks, begins the cyclable trail going up the valley Dolina Suchej Wody.

Then the roads makes a lot of curves, climbs a little pass, along Zazadnia and then Wierchporoniec, where it joins after a steep slope down the main road to Lysa Polana, the border to Slovakia.

To be continued in the next part, Spiš region...

Border at Lysa Polana

Getting There


The best way to reach Zakopane is from the city of Cracow (airport).

If you plan to reach the valley Dolina Chocholowska, better avoid Zakopane (frequent traffic jams during week ends and holidays); from Nowy Tag, take the direction of Czarny Dunajec and then Chocholow.

If you plan to reach Lysa Polana, from Nowy Tag, take the direction of Jurgow, cross the border at Podspady and then back to Lysa Polana.

When to Bike

Spring, Summer, Autumn.
Not Winter ! :)

In the Spring, you will enjoy the views to the snowy tops while the lower parts of the mountains are green. The ideal moment is end of May. it can be still quiet cold in the mornings and evenings.

In the summer, it will be warm, but there will be a lot of tourist cars on the roads.

The Autumn is perhaps the best season, with stable weather, colours turning red-yellow, perhaps some sign of snows on the tops, and again less people. The ideal moment is end of September to mid-october.

Cycle preferably at least 2 or 3 days after rainy weather, in order not to dirty you too much in the mud in parts located on cycling tracks.