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Biały Kościół 2012

Biały Kościół 2012

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Location: Poland, Europe

Lat/Lon: 50.72646°N / 17.04752°E

Date: Aug 2, 2002 12:00 am


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VIII Amatorski Rajd Rowerowy Po Wzgórzach Strzelińskich

This event is like no other, and its story is the story of a little village of lower Silesia, nestled on the foot of bucolic hills, who decided that the place will become a little local capital of mountainbiking. Biały Kościół, 300 souls in 2012, owns a core of few sport addicts who decided as early as 2003, years when biking wasn’t yet so popular in the country, to organize a yearly race, named "Amatorski Rajd Rowerowy Po Wzgórzach Strzelińskich".

The organization of the first editions were full of amateurism, but the event survived the years, strengthening or weakening according to the sponsors and volunteers availability. This story, far from the usual brands and other financial powers that nowadays rule the MTB calendar in Poland, is well detailed in the city’s website. Judge it by for yourself, the cost registrations are as cheap as 20zl (5€) and despite that, the race is held as professionally as any other, with electronic chips on numbers and irreproachably marked path !

It has failed to take place only once, in 2010, but this failure seems paradoxaly to have caused the salutary and decisive rebound of popularity: 2011 was the most successful ever and so was 2012 meant to be, with 300 participants !

All these reasons, added to the quality and the beauty of the terrain which I knew from my many excursions in the Strzelin hills, focused my attention and make me want to give it a try. I was followed by some of my fellows of Daleko Jeszcze, as well as few of my Spanish friends. The race went very well, I finished 16th in the rankings of the Mega distance.

But more than the result, I realized I dragged there not less than six friends, which means 5% of the attendance of the Biały Kościół 8th edition, a statistic I am quite proud of, given the fantastic effort all inhabitants put into the organisation of this race.

If they ever read this page, I just want to tell them three little words : Bravo Biały Kościół !