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Many Ways to Contribute!

Contributing to BikingPage can be as simple or as involved as you want. As you become familiar with the way BikingPage works, we recommend that you increase the sophistication of your postings. The following is a guide for users of every level.

Recommended New-Member Activities

Post Photos
Upload your photos to BikingPage pages. People will post comments to your photos and vote on them. You'll keep full copyright, and you can delete them at any time. Some of the best photos even make the front page. It's a great way to show off your photographic talent!

Post Trip Reports
Do you have an interesting story to tell? Then post a Trip Report (TR). People will post comments to your TR and vote on how engaging it is.

Sign Logs
Don't have an elaborate story to tell? Don't feel like writing a full Trip Report? Then just sign a Biking Log. The Logs you sign will appear on your profile page.

Post to the Forums
Participate in existing threads or start your own. Stay informed on the latest mountain biking news and related topics. Discuss and learn about technique, training and gear. Learn about being a BikingPage member, a better contributor, a better photographer, a better mountain biker! Communicate with fellow members around the world. If you're brave, you can even venture into Prate & Prattle, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart!

Private Message (PM) Other Members
Communicate privately with members using BikingPage's private messaging system.

Comment on Other People's Stuff
Everybody loves to get comments. If you see a great photo, post kudos. If you read an interesting TR, tell the author. Feedback is a critical part of BikingPage.

Contribute to the Content of Informational Pages
Do you see an Area, Trail or other page that is lacking some important information? Then post a comment to the page outlining the info that is lacking. Think you could be a helpful contributor to the page? Ask the owner for edit privileges on the page and work collaboratively with them to make the page better. Working under the tutelage of others is a great way to become familiar with the details of creating good informational pages.

Shape the content of the site by voting on other people's work.

Watch your Power Level Grow
Your vote weight is dependent upon how much quality stuff you've posted to BikingPage. On your profile page, you can keep track of power points and your vote weight. It's fun to see it increase as you post quality stuff!

Intermediate-Level BikingPageing

Post an Informational Page
Share your knowledge and expertise by contributing informational pages to BikingPage. There are PLENTY still unposted. It just may make it to the front page if of sufficient quality!

Post Articles
Are you an expert on a topic? Are you able to write an informative, how-to article? Go for it! Articles on technical topics related to bike maintenance, riding technique, training, and the like are encouraged. News-related articles are welcome as well.

Make Albums
Organize sets of photos into albums. Think it would be cool to build a "Cliff Jumping" album composed of other people's photos? Go for it! Invite the public to post. Creative or humorous albums are always enjoyable.

Scour the FAQ
The BikingPage FAQ is a constantly evolving treasure trove of information. You should read it!

Advanced-Level BikingPageing

Assist in Taxonomy Planning
BikingPage is organized in a "bottom up" fashion by its members. We have a whole forum for Taxonomy Planning. This is where members talk about how Areas, Trails, etc. should be linked together.

Replace Inadequate Pages
When a geographically-oriented page is of low quality, the first and best solution is to offer to help the page's owner improve it. After a good faith attempt at this, if the page owner is unresponsive, you can create your own parallel page, and then ask people to down-vote the inadequate page. This will cause the inadequate page to be "buried." An Elf can then transfer all parents, children, comments, and logs from the old page to yours. This activity is recommended only for advanced BikingPage members and is not to be done cavalierly.

Post Suggestions to the Site Feedback Forum
The management listens to your suggestions and comments! We are always looking to make the site better, and we value your feedback.